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★ Your photos are loaded quickly and easily illustrated on a fascinating and responsive map
★ You never lose track of your trips, when and where you have taken your photos
★ The perfect photo gallery for travelers - Keep your memories alive like never before
You do not have to worry about your privacy. This app has many unique features. It helps you to find great spots again. You can navigate from location to location in chronological order.
You can share your Photos and Collages with friends.
✔ Levipic displays your photos from your internal storage as well as from your SD Card
✔ Recent Android versions are supported as example Android 8.0 Oreo and Android 9.0 Pie (2019)
✔ There is even an 3D Mode where it looks like an amazing Augmented Reality (AR) mode! Just use two fingers to switch to the 3D mode
✔ You have the possibility to view all EXIF information like the GPS position, a description and the rating. This information can also be changed and are stored inside the file, so other programs can read them
✔ You can choose if you want to see the satellite, hybrid or terrain view
★ Folder structure: You can organize your media. Nested folders are supported!
★ Date: Your photos are automatically sorted by date taken
★ Rating: Your photos are grouped by the rating from “Unknown” to a 5 starts rating
★ Location: On a map you can see where you have taken the photos
★ Detailed view: One can of course look at the photos in whole size and possibly delete, share and view other information about it
★ Wallpaper slideshow: Changes automatically the background image (wallpaper) of your device. Every hour or every day at midnight
★ Video playback
★ Explorer mode: In all views you can select between the grid view and the explorer/list view
★ Search: You can search your photos by using the name, folder, date and file extension
★ Photo Editor: The integrated and very powerful Photo Editor allows you to manipulate your photos, as example apply filters, crop or add a frame; draw lines, change color saturation...
★ Two color themes are actually implemented
★ You can change the number of columns, sort and group of every section
★ GIF support
★ You can geo locate an image directly on the map
★ Zoom feature is available in the detail view. Tab to activate the Fullscreen mode
★ This app can be registered as default image viewer
★ Hidden Folders: Hide any folder you want in your gallery
★ Material design + features like the ei OS gallery
★ Erase EXIF: Delete all personal EXIF information from a photo
★ Location fixer: Missing GPS Information are fixed automatically
★ Levipic is a great tool for traveling and vacation, business trips, camping and city sightseeing
★ You can make a note of sites like attractions, homes, cars, construction sites, restaurants, places of work, hotels, schools, parking lots and so on
★ It's awesome to use it as a journey during your sport like bicycling, running, jogging, skiing, snowboarding, trekking, hiking, exercising, playing football. You will never forget where you did your sport exercises
★ But also for family trips like zoos, amusement parks, Christmas markets... Night life like Bars, Party’s, weekend trips to the mountains, ...
★ And for special events like Wedding, birthdays, weddings, celebrations, ... Or earthquake, storm surge, flood, tsunami, storm, hurricane, forest fire, etc.
★ Useful for geologists, inspectors, rangers, craftsmen, firefighters, reporters, police officers, postmen, architects, backpackers, travelers, construction workers, truck drivers, taxi drivers, event managers, stewardesses, guest representatives, actors, facility managers, au pairs, tourism assistants, farmers, foresters, gardeners, insurance agents, janitors, pilots, doctors, interior designers, city guides, models, etc.
★ It doesn't yet support online Cloud Services like Google Drive or Dropbox (nor SMB/FTP)

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